Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Catching Up!

We have been very lazy this winter in keeping up with our blog. We promise to do better. It has been such a bitterly cold winter this year, especially for the south. We are just not used to such cold temperatures and so much snow and frost and neither are our crops. The last few days, though, we have been enjoying the warmth of the sun and the normal South Carolina winter. We are celebrating. The crops that survived are growing and we hope to start harvesting some of our greens by the weekend. I did have to reseed a lot of the lettuce and have been transplanting kale and Swiss chard in the field. I hope that the ground hog's prognostication is correct and we will be having spring in another four weeks. We are ready for it.
The Crooked Cedar Farm has decided to put in a flock of laying hens. We have had so many requests for farm fresh organic eggs from our customers. I had been trying to get them from other egg farmers, but the supply was iffy and I couldn't be sure how they were grown. By growing our own, we can be sure of their authenticity.
Years ago, we had chickens and now we will have them again. Looking forward to their arrival in March and now we are busy getting ready. Construction is under way. Building a chicken house and run. We have added on to our farm shed and now we have started the chicken house. The girls will be arriving the second week of March so there is lots to do do to get ready.

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