Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer garden clean up time

Today was another hot, busy day. We have been trying to clean up the fields and one of these duties is to pull up the spent tomato plants and stakes. Not an easy task, but we decided to use the tractor to help pull the stakes out of the ground. We hooked a chain to the potato plow and the stake and used the hydraulic lift. Worked like a charm. Edwina picked the last of the tomatoes, pulled up the plants, and then we raked up the plants and removed them from the field. We like to get rid of the old plants in order to keep down viruses and fungi that can damage next years crops. Selvin plowed where the 500 tomato plants had been and also some of the other parts of the garden where we will be planting the fall crops. Edwina pulled the irrigation hoses out of the rows  of eggplants and peppers and put them away. While Selvin made a trip to Columbia, SC, Edwina picked and prepared okra for the freezer. For supper tonight we had baked chicken, fried okra, brown rice and for dessert, the rest of the apple pie that Edwina made with apples from our trees. Tonight we had a really good rain.

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  1. I wondered how you were going to get those stakes out! Great idea using the lift on the tractor.