Saturday, October 16, 2010

Almost Finished Planting

Hurray! I have just about finished planting all of the seeds and plants for the late fall and winter garden. Just have to plant the onion sets, garlic, leeks, scallions, snow peas and Swiss chard during the next couple of weeks. Thursday and Friday were spent seeding all of the remaining raised beds with the lettuce for the Crooked Cedar Salad mix. The spinach, carrots, beets, and kale that were seeded two weeks ago have all germinated well and are growing, The weather has been warm, but too dry, so I have been watering daily all the plants and seed beds. Today, Selvin's back felt well enough for him to change the oil in the car. Hopefully, he is on the mend. I dug a couple hills of sweet potatoes this afternoon and it looks like we will have a good crop. Next week, we will use the tractor to harvest them, which should be faster than digging by hand. I have been working on a website for the farm and it is coming along. I think that soon I will be ready to share the web address so people can visit it. Tonight I made western omelets, brown rice and quinoa (pronounced "keen wa"), and grilled salmon for supper, with zucchini bread and ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back to Work

We have arrived back from our vacation and are very busy. We had a great trip to Alaska and Washington state. Alaska is an awesome place. It is so big and wild with lots of wildlife and different climates. Can't believe that it is now below freezing in many of the places that we were visiting just three weeks ago.
Here at the farm, plowing and planting have been the order of the day since our return. So far almost all of the collard, cabbage and brussels sprouts plants have been planted and watered in with the use of the drip irrigation hoses. It has been quite a job to get over 1000 plants in the ground in the past week. It is so dry, sure hope it rains tomorrow.
As soon as we got home, Selvin plowed most of the raised beds and Edwina sowed five different types of kale, the carrots, spinach and the four types of beets. Everything with the exception of the carrots are up and growing.
Carrots take a long time to germinate. They should be making a showing in about another two weeks.
Selvin is having some back problems, so now Edwina is learning to drive the garden tractor and the tiller.  Doing a pretty good job at it, too.
Edwina hopes to plow the rest of the seed beds tomorrow and finish the sowing of the different salad greens.
We're looking forward to finishing all of the major planting this week.